[Oneshot] Butterfly Fingers (GOT7/JJ Project)

Crossposting my entry for this year's def_pepi (here)

Title: Butterfly Fingers
Rating: G
Word Count: 2,500
Warning(s): none
Summary: Jaebum gets casted in another drama, Jinyoung falls sick, and the rest of Got7 are in on some jokes. All of these events are drown out by Jaebum’s and Jinyoung’s disgustingly sweet co-dependency.
Prompt: A simple 'falling in love in the middle of their busy idol life', where the whole group sees it before them.

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[VIXX Pacific Rim AU] 13 years 8 months 23 days

Title: 13 years 8 months 23 days
Rating: PG (for future parts)
Fandom: VIXX
Pairing: N/Leo
Summary: The Second Kaiju War opens, and Ranger Cha Hakyeon, formerly Captain of the Republic of Korea Air Force, brought himself into the thick of it. There is no Jaeger piloting and Drifting, but the Kaiju War requires more than that from fighters.
Warnings: mentioned war and non-graphic violence, nothing serious.
A/N: part 1/? of the VIXX Pacific Rim AU

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[Oneshot] chewed us up (and spit us back out) (Jungkook-centric/BTS)

Crossposting my entry for this year's kpop_olymfics (here)

Title: chewed us up (and spit us back out)
Rating: PG
Fandom: Bangtan Boys/BTS, Jungkook-centric
Pairing: mentioned Rap Monster/Jin
Summary: Jungkook had not exactly been smooth sailing through life, but sometimes, hardship came with a blessing.
Warnings: cussing because I think Jungkook curses a lot in real life, homophobia
Prompt Used: Hong Jin Young – Cheer Up (MV & Lyrics)

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A/N: I wrote this in 20(?) hours after I lost my initial fic of 12k to a dead laptop and submitted it in a hurry so this is a revision of the one over at olymfics. This is the first challenge I did this year and I'm so proud of myself <3

[Oneshot] A.M.O.C (Namjin/BTS)

Title: A.M.O.C
Fandom: BTS/Bangtan Boys/Bangtan Sonyeondan/Bulletproof Boyscouts (whatever they want to call themselves) RPF
Pairing: Namjin (Rap Monster/Jin)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: This is all rps fiction & in no way represents BTS

The title is a ridiculous abbreviation, fyi.

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[Oneshot] give all these secrets away (Jin-centric/BTS)

Crossposted from here, originally writen for bangtanexchange's first anniversary fic fest

Title: give all these secrets away
Pairing (or character): Jin, BTS
Warnings: allusion to depression, dark thoughts
Prompt: Jin - how does jin see himself in bangtan?
Summary: They were inching slowly toward success, and Jin was happy they were. But they weren't doing it the way he imagined it. The longer they went this way, the more Jin became an excess. There was a mountain and a half between Jin and his usefulness as a group member.
(Canon AU, Jin-centric)
Author's notes: Idek why I’m writing a fic this dramatic and sad for an anniversary, but the rapper line wrote ‘So 4 more’ so at least I’m not alone. My beta called it a love letter to Kim Seokjin, I would call it an angst-laden character study of Jin. A (late) short fic somewhat inspired by Sara Bareilles' Islands.

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