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[Oneshot] A.M.O.C (Namjin/BTS)

Title: A.M.O.C
Fandom: BTS/Bangtan Boys/Bangtan Sonyeondan/Bulletproof Boyscouts (whatever they want to call themselves) RPF
Pairing: Namjin (Rap Monster/Jin)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: This is all rps fiction & in no way represents BTS

The title is a ridiculous abbreviation, fyi.

It took a few months after Bangtan Sonyeondan's final line up got officialised for Hyosang to declare his and Namjoon's relationship a marriage. Jin protested initially, but Hyosang's a damn bastard and he didn't know how to let go. So after a few months, Jin just gave up and let Hyosang frequently refer to Namjoon as his husband. It kind of became a running joke between them, harmless enough to not waste his breath on.

Because honestly, Jin thought about the kind of relationships he had with each and every member of Bangtan, and Hyosang got close enough. For the sake of accuracy, Jin would say his relationship with Namjoon is an accidental marriage of convenience which worked out surprisingly well.

They weren't close at first, which was understandable. Jin's entire being was an exercise in awkwardness, duty and obedience, being favourable and staying mainstream; meanwhile Namjoon was a born rebel, belonging in the curses-spitting hyper masculine underground, overflowing with confidence and leadership. People could describe them as sky and sea, and they would not be wrong. It took Namjoon a while to warm up to a pretty boy who was getting to debut mainly for his looks, and it took Jin a while to warm up to the crassness that was Kim Namjoon, who was a leader in every meaning applicable to a korean boyband.

But they were thrown together no matter what, so they tried not to detest each other. Somewhere between shepherding their little flock of seven hot-headed teenage boys and suffering through physically exhausting mentally draining schedule, they reached an understanding. It's not close friendship, like what the youngest three had. It's not the type of cat-and-mouse friendship like what Jin and Hyosang or Hoseok and Taehyung had. It's not even camaraderie, like what their producer line have. Jin and Namjoon had their own dynamics.

They commiserated over badly behaved dongsaeng and ridiculous dance routines. Jin often pulled Namjoon aside to tell him about something not quite right at the dorm, with one of the rascals, with Hoseok who needed a break, or Yoongi who had to stop being such a workaholic. Namjoon had Jin sitting next to him in the studio more often than Yoongi or Jungkook, because all Yoongi did was picking apart his work and Jungkook was helpful but frequently disruptive. Jin hyung, he listened, he gave feedback when asked, he was quiet but supportive and he dragged Namjoon out of the studio to have a meal Namjoon didn't know he was hungry for until Jin called it a break. Jin had faith in Namjoon's leadership. Namjoon had faith in Jin helping them grow, as much as he had in Hoseok for keeping them emotionally healthy. They might be standing at opposite side of the stage, but the sense of comfort was there because Jin knew Namjoon had his back and Namjoon knew Jin would be there for them (for Namjoon especially).

Somehow, they had a pseudo family. Jin imagined Jungkook, Jimin and Taehyung as the rebellious kids, Yoongi as the grumpy uncle and Hoseok the cheery one. Namjoon and Jin were the fathers, of course. So yeah, accidental marriage of convenience.

Hyosang didn't need to know that though. Wanker had enough blackmail materials on Jin to last a lifetime, Jin didn't need to give him more. So he let the joke run and got on with his life. Not a serious issue.

He never realised that with Hyosang's big mouth, someone was bound to found out about the joke. And Hyosang had perfect timing when it came to embarrassing people. Jin learnt that the hard way.

Bangtan and ToppDogg were sharing one waiting room. Bangtan arrived much earlier, so Jin took a photo of the sign on the door, sending it to Hyosang through Kakaotalk. Hyosang never replied, but a figure crashed into Jin's back once Bangtan returned from their dry rehearsal, so Hyosang was at least as happy as Jin about this arrangement.

- Dude, I haven't seen you ugly mug in forever. Nice hair, by the way.

- Good, diss me and compliment me at the same time, your atrocious verbal skill is not rusty yet.

- Harsh, Princess.

Jin laughed. He removed Hyosang's arms around his shoulder and pushed his friend towards ToppDogg. Hyosang looked like he wanted to protest, but Jin had makeup to put on and outfit to change into so Hyosang would have to deal.

Feeling guilty, he pulled up Kakaotalk instead and messaged Hyosang.

So, Hansol looks gorgeous.

Why are you using Kakaotalk when we are only a few meters away?

I'm busy, you ass. And don't avoid the question.

What question? I only see you annoying me.

Let me ask you again. Hansol?

Seokjin, no.

Say it, or I'm not going to talk to you later and annoy you with emoticons.

*sigh* yes. He looks so drop dead gorgeous I honestly want to lock myself in a room somewhere and cry. Do you see my suffering? Are you happy your best friend is miserable, Kim Seokjin ssi?

Of course. You have way more dirt on me than I have on you; I'm going to enjoy this while I can.

I don't know how anyone thinks you're innocent. You're the spawn of devil, I pity Bangtan for having you as their eldest hyung.

My kids worship me, fyi. I'm a brilliant parent. I make good food and I don't take their toys away.

Talk about parenting, where is your husband anyway?

Jin almost typed in a reply about the hilarious wardrobe accident Namjoon was facing when an exclamation of surprise sounded too close to his ear.


Jin startled and whipped his head around to only to find Hoseok, Jimin and Jungkook in his personal space.

- The hell you're doing? – he nagged at them, but none paid attention to him. Jungkook exchanged a look with Jimin and proceeded to do something Seokjin would forever hate him for.

- Kidoh hyung! Who is Jin hyung's husband? – Jungkook shouted.

Jin got a hand over the maknae's mouth before the little shit managed to do more damages. But what Jongkook said was heard loud and clear by everyone inside the waiting room. Silence descended, and Jin was so embarrassed people could probably tell he was blushing under all the the make-up.

Hyosang cackled from the other side of the partition.

- Shut the fuck up Jin Hyosang, I will cut you.

- As intimidating as you are, Princess-nim, I think I'll pass. – Hyosang poked his head around the corner. An ear-to-ear grin on his face made it apparent that he was enjoying people finding out about their joke.

- I know where you live, I know which clothes are your favourite, and I have a pair of scissors. Try me. – Jin growled back at him.

Hyosang’s grin did not falter, but he seemed to seriously consider Seokjin’s threat. Despite what was said about Bangtan’s visual, he was a no bullshit person and someone who should not be messed with. In the end, Hyosang just shrugged and went back to his side of the waiting room. Having made his best friend retreat, Jin turned to his members. All of them looked as if they would jump out of their skins due to curiosity. Taehyung opened his mouth to say something, but Jin cut him off:

- One more words and I would make sure the whole group eat beef bulgogi for the next month. Or until I’m not mad anymore, depending on how stupid your next words are.

The threat seemed to work as they all looked at each other before returning to the tasks they were doing before snooping on their hyung. As Jin’s embarrassment died down, he noticed Namjoon and one of their coordis at the entrance, having returned from fixing the leader’s jacket.

Namjoon caught his eyes and smirked.

- Glad to know our eldest is not a whim and can hold his own. Good job, old man.

Jin turned back to face the mirror so the make-up noona could continue touching up his eyeliner. Trying to sound nonchalant, Jin replied:

- You have much to learn, leader-nim.

Inside, he silently thanked whichever deity up there that Namjoon probably didn’t hear much. Nothing was exposed, but the thought of Namjoon remotely coming close to knowing Hyosang regularly calling the leader Jin’s husband (and Jin letting Hyosang do it) made Jin nervous, for some reasons.


- So the kids want to know their father’s identity. – Hyosang laughed through the phone. The bastard was slowly getting on Seokjin’s nerves these days.

- You don’t say. Thanks for helping, by the way. V asks me about who my husband is at least once every day, Jimin calls me an ajushi, and Suga is about to write a ‘verse about my mysterious man. – said Jin, his voice gradually whinier.

This was the umpteenth time Hyosang brought up the incident. It had been a few weeks since the group found out, and the situation was not getting better. Jin even entertained the idea of just explaining the joke to them, but it sounded ridiculous even to him, how bad would it sound to the members? Seokjin only had an inkling of why he let Hyosang run such a joke that long, and the thought was not even on the table for exposure. It was private and something Seokjin would like to avoid thinking about. Instead, he made Hyosang stayed on the phone and listened to his whining for as long as possible.

- Seriously, just tell them, they might even get a good laugh out of it. Like we do. Warn Namjoon first though, the teasing will be unbearable. As much as I would like to see you two suffer, getting ambushed with that is not good. Namjoon might get angry, knowing him.

Seokjin listened to Hyosang’s words seriously. As annoying as his best friend was, the guy was right. It wasn’t even a big deal, just awkward for the people involved (namely, Namjoon and him). Jin was used to being the epitome of awkward, so only Namjoon was the problem.

- Right.

- Don’t crack your poor brain on it, Princess. Just do as I say. – Hyosang made the final remark, chuckled and then cut off the line. Jin didn’t even get to retort.

Jin sat staring at his phone for a few minutes, until the leader startled him by poking his head through the kitchen door.

- Hyung, it’s our turn to get grocery.

The elder tilted his head questioningly, clearly remembering Namjoon and Jimin on grocery duty two weeks ago. But Namjoon had no reasons to bring more responsibility onto himself, so Jin just nodded and went to grab warm clothes.

He missed Namjoon scrubbing his palms together nervously, as if preparing for something.


Jin liked grocery shopping. They had stuff delivered to the dorm or one of the manager hyungs would bring ingredients they requested, but nothing compared to getting a bit of fresh air while buying fresh food to be cooked and eaten deliciously. It’s especially satisfying since the money the food was bought with was the money they had earned with their own hard work.

The thought brought a smile to Jin’s face as he walked briskly with Namjoon by his side towards the mart closest to their dorm. The weather was cold, but dry and nice enough that walking didn’t seem to be a chore. Even Namjoon had a relaxed look on his face, one earbud on, listening to a tune Jin couldn’t hear but was assured would be good (because Namjoon’s taste in music was excellent).

Getting out of the production room once in a while was good for their leader, Jin thought.
The younger turned his head to caught Jin staring. He smiled to dissipate the awkward atmosphere, but must have ended up looking a bit silly since Namjoon laughed out loud. He pouted until Namjoon’s laugh died down. A comfortable silence settled between them.

- Hyung, what’s with the husband thing the kids had been ranting about recently?

Jin froze at the question. Of course Namjoon would hear about it. Of course. Shit.

- Just a joke between me and Hyosang that they overheard.

- Which is?

- Just… we have a mutual friend that Hyosang likes to refer to as my husband.

Jin desperately wanted to laugh it off like the joke that it was, but the words tumbled out of his mouth instead, jumbling together as if Seokjin was self-concious about the whole thing. Which, on second thoughts, Seokjin might be, making it even more mortifying.

- Isn’t it weird?

- Why?

- Unless you like the guy, the joke isn’t that funny.

Jin blushed bright red instantly. There it was, the thought that Jin was trying to avoid from the very beginning of the joke. It was just a joke, nothing to be taken serious. But the fact that people could see him and Namjoon being partners in such a domestic sense, even if jokingly… it was gratifying.

Namjoon had stopped walking, so Jin turned back to find the leader donning an unexpected reaction. The leader was staring at him, intently. He had been trying to avoid the younger’s eyes, and looking at them now made Seokjin even more awkward. Something in those black eyes made the elder want to stop and get lost in them. Namjoon had two weapons he frequently used to dominate and command the respect reserved for a leader – the first was his words, the second was his eyes. Jin preferred the latter. For reasons.

- I don’t remember you and Kidoh having any mutual friends other than me, hyung.

Jin’s eyes widened at the remark. Namjoon held his gaze for a few moments before smirking, as if saying ‘gotcha’.

- So it is me.

Jin didn’t quite know how to response to the situation at hand, aside from blushing with all his might and pulling his scarf up to cover his red cheeks. Namjoon came closer and tugged at that hand, face unreadable.

- Hyung. – Namjoon said. The tone of his voice seemed to carry everything. Comfort, affection, a bit of teasing, a lot of nervousness.

Such a rapper, Jin thought. He expressed so much of himself with just a word. Jin didn’t have that kind of talent, so he settled for actions instead. He drew Namjoon closer with their connecting hands, made eye contact with the younger, and nodded determinedly.

Namjoon beamed.

- It’s an accidental marriage of convenience, by the way. Worked out better than most marriage, in my opinion.

Namjoon raised an eyebrow at Seokjin’s words. He seemed contemplative for a moment before replying.

- Accidental marriage of convenience. Nice phrase. I’ll make sure to remember that.


They forgot grocery that afternoon. When asked later, Namjoon would say they ran away to have some fun by themselves away from all the bothersome brats, and Jin would nod in agreement.

They just omitted some stuff for the sake of the kids’ innocent. Such as Namjoon kissing Seokjn on the corner of his mouth in the cereal aisle, or Seokjin ditching food in favours of pestering Namjoon into an impromptu coffee date at the most secluded cake house of their neighbourhood.

As parents, they deserved all the breaks they could get away from the children anyway.


Hello, Kidoh hyung-nim. This is Bangtan’s Jimin. Can I ask you a question?

If this is about the husband thing, sorry, but Jin forbid me to say anything.

Spoilsport :( Thanks anyway hyung.

It’s alright. You’re cute, so no bother.

I like you hyung-nim ^^


Dude. I owe you one.

You owe me always. And that’s hyung to you.

Thanks, Kidoh hyung.

You’re welcome, Namjoon. And I get to be best man at the late wedding when you decide to throw one.


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